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Chiropractic can be used to help everyday people with their everyday health care

Tasman Bay Chiropractic is a full spectrum primary healthcare provider – from antenatal and neonatal through to geriatric health.

Specialists in Well-being Care

Periodic repairs and maintenance

Injury Management

ACC registered

Primary Care

Primary care for all ages


Referral network of healthcare providers

Performance Enhancement

Hands-on care and leadership

Sports People

Sports people truly value strength, stamina, fitness and injury-free action. Structural soundness is a key component of achieving and maintaining this goal.

Kiwi Blokes

Kiwi blokes are well known for putting up with a sore back, aches and pains and old injuries. We aren’t good at going for a warrant of fitness until things are pretty bad.


Women have a tendency to try and do it all. Chiropractic helps women to function at their best by making sure that the nervous system is in growth mode rather than in protective mode where we’re just getting through one day at a time.

Kids & Babies

We recognise and respect that you want trustworthy, considered and professional assistance in your role as parents and caregivers.

Meet Our Fabulous Team

Bronwyn May

Chiropractic Assistant
I am excited to be joining such an energetic and friendly team

Elise McGlinchey

Chiropractic Assistant
Working in this caring environment with a fun team of professionals, supports my own life values of living a happy, healthy life that I love...

Victoria Nicholls

Chiropractic Assistant
Being part of this team is very inspiring and has introduced me to a whole different level of well being. I love being able to pass that inspiration on to others …

Lynley Worsley

Chiropractic Assistant
I support the philosophy of taking responsibility for making life what you wish it to be.

Hamish Worsley

Chiropractor, B(Chiro), Member NZCA
I fell in love with the philosophy of natural and functional health and wellbeing …

Corrian Poelsma

Chiropractor BSC, BSc (Chiro), Member NZCA
Our role is about enabling your body’s ability to adapt to and thrive in the environment you have chosen

Keeping You Informed

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