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Spring Newsletter

Spring Newsletter

The latest news from

Tasman Bay Chiropractic


Welcome to our spring newsletter. The days are lengthening, the temperatures are creeping up and the plants are showing signs of new growth bursting forth.

It is a great time to add that daily walk back into the routine if it disappeared over winter! We continue to hear of more research that supports the old adage “Move it or lose it” so we will continue to encourage daily physical activity!

This edition features a report from Dan explaining his recent professional activity courses, an update from Daph, a great report from Corrian on just what he got up to while he was in Europe and some exciting news from the practice.

We look forward to seeing you at the Home and Garden Show at Saxton Stadium. With Dan on the team, we are in a position to grow our services for the benefit of the local community.

Be sure ‘like’ us on Facebook and keep an eye on our website – we have regular updates and will be sure to be offering some promotions.

We do hope that this finds you happy and healthy.

Corrian, Daph, Dan, Victoria, Mel and Lynley

Stop Press! Exciting News!
Specialist Digital Xrays at TBC

On September 10th, the specialist technician arrives from the States to install our digital xray equipment which means that from mid September we can offer digital, chiropractic-customised xray services right here at Tasman Bay Chiropractic.

The new equipment offers high quality, digital, portable, affordable xray services with DVD copies optional. Dan and Corrian are looking forward to utilising the equipment’s specialist chiropractic software which will display and categorise the misalignment components of a client’s presentation.

We are currently developing some ‘launch specials’ on progress xrays for long term clients who haven’t been xrayed for a number of years to enable a full review of their current status. Watch this space!

New Consulting Room and High-Low Table hi lo table

With Dan now well settled into the practice and building his client base, we are again in need of a third consulting room which is currently being readied for reopening as a chiropractic consulting room.

The excitement for the TBC team is building as we are in the process of sourcing a table which has full ‘drop’ capabilities but more importantly offers the hydraulic high-low function ie it stands up, the client stands against it on the foot plate and then the table lowers the client to horizontal. After assessment and any adjustments are made, the table can return the client to standing. This will be especially useful for the growing number of clients in the practice who find getting on and off the adjusting table to be quite a challenge whether it be due to an acute condition, pregnancy or the aging process.

 Hello From Daphmassage
Daphna Poelsma offers Massage Therapy in our Centre to anyone wanting to enhance their Well-Being.

Come and see Mel, Lynley or Victoria about the hours Daphna works and to book an appointment.
Warm Regards
  Daphna Poelsma

Dan’s Report

In May and August I had the opportunity to attend the Inspiral – Kids Dynamic Development seminar weekends in Auckland, giving me the chance to catch up with about 40 of my colleagues who were also interested in increasing their knowledge and skill base to better enhance the development of their paediatric patients.

The presenters were Drs Genevieve and Rosemary Keating, who are leaders in the field of Chiropractic paediatric health, development and learning. As well as being experienced paediatric Chiropractors, both are Diplomates of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board.

In their first years, almost all children learn to move, balance, speak and read emotions. They go on to master more complex tasks like reading, music, and understanding themselves, although not all children learn these things equally well and differences in the quantity and quality of environmental experiences have long lasting effects.

When my daughter Beatrix was born, I experienced firsthand the change that her first Chiropractic adjustment made to her infant movements, feeding patterns and later on her overall health and brain development. I am constantly amazed at her learning growth and grateful that her immune system seems resilient enough to deal with all of the childhood illnesses she has been exposed to in her first four years as a regularly checked wellness Chiro-baby.

As Chiropractors we work to enhance life potential through an optimally functioning nervous system, and the ideal time to begin doing this is preconception, pregnancy and within the first few days of life.

All babies are benefitted by their first chiropractic check and adjustment soon after birth. Babies who have weak suck reflex, difficulty attaching to the breast, are unsettled or colicky are in urgent need of chiropractic care to gently balance and help regulate their developing systems.

The results can be amazing and life changing so please ask your Chiropractor if you have any questions about the benefits of chiropractic care for your child.

Yours in Health
Dr. Dan

From the Front Desk…..

Occasionally we have some lost and found items that find their way to our front desk – Please help us to solve the mystery!

Found 28/11/2014   one gold pendant with a precious stone set under small diamond.  No chain was attached.

Wireless ear piece for cell phone – found outside on our front steps 3 or 4 months ago.


If these sound familiar please give us a call or ask one of our assistants at the front desk and give us a detailed description as we would love to return them to their owner.

Chiropractic Research Month

On behalf of the Hamblin Chiropractic Research Fund Trust, thanks to all of you who supported Research Month. TBC clients contributed around $350 in total. Thanks so much.

What WAS Corrian Doing When He was Away in May/June?

Some of you may know that after the World Federation of Chiropractic conference in Athens, I did not make it home as expected. The NZ College of Chiropractic (NZCC) research team suggested I join them for their annual collaborative laboratory experiments in Turkey (Koç University in Istanbul) and Denmark (University Hospital in Aalborg). Dr Heidi Haavik (mentioned in our previous newsletter) made the offer as we sat in Athens international airport and I was three hours from boarding my plane home. The research team worked on me for about 40 minutes before I sent Daphna a cheeky wee text. She said “yes” and so, seven weeks later, I returned home.

My experiences in Europe were many and profound. The scale of civilisation in depth and breadth is immense, from infrastructure and population to politics and culture. I spent many hours conversing with our NZCC research team on varying topics and began to really understand the depth of the collaborations they were involved with, as well as the potential positive outcomes for them, our profession and the wellbeing of the populations of the globe.

In Turkey, a country with a population of 75 million inhabitants, there are only 11 chiropractors. So when conducting research you can be sure your subjects do not know what to expect when it comes to the chiropractic intervention! Your control or sham adjustments are just that. They are really interested in what we are doing and do not have any ‘baggage’ about chiropractic. One participant was looking into becCP turkeyoming a chiropractor and studying at NZCC.

The NZ research team uses a standard protocol in that they adjust subjects according to the same approach used in a practice. I found this heartening, as any findings from the study performed are more relevant to what we do in our offices. With both studies in Istanbul and Denmark, the universities paid the subjects for their time in the experiments and all the lab work conducted was of a very high, detailed standard. My OCD was satisfied, although I did have to step in at times when Kelly and Imran looked like they were having too much fun!

The EEG-based study completed in Aalborg took three solid weeks in the lab. and involved a series of stimulations on 15 different subjects. These included electric shock, heat and cold to levels of severe pain, followed by measurement of brain waves.

Normally subjects would be administered opiates and then retested. This time we delivered chiropractic care to subjects that were deemed to be suffering from subclinical pain – basically, the average chiropractic patient. This is how I helped out. I completed the chiropractic work for the researchers as much as I could so they could spend days at a time writing up previously completed studies for publishing.

The future is bright for research into how and why chiropractic works. We also recognise that it is high time to discuss the need for more participation from those of us in practice. I have discussed with the NZ research team what it would take to conduct a larger study to measure the effectiveness of chiropractic care in New Zealand practices. My initial thoughts on this is that we involve all of the relevant stakeholders, set a research agenda for New Zealand and make a commitment to measure patient outcomes in our offices.

Both lead researchers are very keen to start such a PBRN (Practice-Based Research Network) study in New Zealand. My advice is – watch this space!

A personal thank you to Daphna Poelsma, Dr Dan Fogarty, TBCC staff, my children and friends who helped make my trip possible.
I am feeling refreshed, ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’ and looking forward to connecting with you all and any of your loved ones that may need our services.

With gratitude


 Tasman Bay Chiropractic


To be VITAL to your wellbeing


Everyday health care for everyday people

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