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Fun, Health and Food

All of the necessary ingredients were present at our latest TBC team building event.


Akky’s Spice Tins

We all got together one evening and enjoyed a fantastic time together at Akky’s Kitchen. Akky opened the evening with an introduction to Ayurveda and Ayurvedic cooking – accompanied by some delicious nibbles.

Once we had learnt about the principles of this cooking style, the menu for the evening was introduced and we paired up to take charge of two dishes each. Not only were we preparing dishes that we had not prepared before with ingredients that we may not have worked with before, but we also were challenged to ensure that our dishes were all ready for serving at the same time! Lucky that we are used to working together towards a goal so we at least had something that was not new to us in the mix!


How do we boil water again Daph?


Stash help! I’m out of my depth!



Dan and Daph produced a delicious dhal and vegetable soup and a creamy cashew chutney.



Call me Ayurvedic Man!


Are you done yet Corrian?


Home-made Paneer with Spinach

Mel and Corrian were tasked with presenting spinach with paneer – and they had to make the paneer! The whey from this process was then used to cook basmati rice with mustard seeds.



A warm pineapple chutney and vege croquettes rounded out our lovely meal and these were brought to the table by Victoria and Lynley.


Victoria and Lynley creating chutney! Fun times!

croquettes and chutney

Vege croquettes and Chutney






Much of the food was prepared with ghee and Akky shared the myriad reasons that she prefers this cooking product (the instructions to make it are on her website).

This holistic approach to food and cooking produces tasty and colourful food. The meal was a flavour sensation!


Team-building Banquet!


What a taste sensation!








And yes we achieved a co-ordinated serving time!



TBC team – Corrian, Lynley, Dan, Daph, Victoria, Mel

A great team building event that also serves up fun, health and good food! We recommend it!

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