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Winter Newsletter – Team Building And A Fundraiser, Corrian In Peru And More News From The Team.

Winter Newsletter – team building and a fundraiser, Corrian in Peru and more news from the team.

Welcome to the winter edition of our quarterly newsletter.

Didn’t winter arrive with a bang! As we count down to the shortest day, we have been reflecting that we live in a pretty amazing climate with beautiful warm summers that have only a few stifling days scattered through them, and then during winter we enjoy the crisp and clean frosts which are inevitably followed by a sunny, clear day. The snow is not too far away for those who like the snow sports, yet other winter sports don’t generally have to battle snowy fields or courts. And we have four distinct seasons – each with their own seasonal treats and treasures. Lots to appreciate.

More news and photos to share with you this quarterly edition.

Keep warm

With very best wishes
Corrian, Dan, Debbie, Bronwyn, Lynley and Victoria


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