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‘Jump On In’ Fun At TBC

‘Jump on In’ Fun at TBC

Jumping On In at Tasman Bay Chiropractic continues! Here are our chiropractors Hamish and Corrian with TBC patient Derek Drysdale (Nelson Golf Club President).

Hamish, Corrian and Derek (President, Nelson Golf Club)

When Derek mentioned he had not been feeling the best lately, Corrian, his chiropractor, suggested that he may feel the benefits of a low inflammatory diet such as the Ketogenic diet.

Derek has now reported that this was just the jump start he needed and two weeks later his weight is down by 14lbs (6.35kgs) and he is noticing the benefits of this lifestyle change.

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Jump on In for some more fun at Tasman Bay Chiropractic and you could be the lucky recipient of a One-on-One Keto consultation with our chiropractor Hamish.

Corrian and Hamish measuring up!

How do the Boy’s Measure Up?

Have a guess how our Doctor’s of Chiropractic – Corrian and Hamish – Measure UP now after beginning the Ketogenic Diet on the 7th of January.

Next time you are in the practice you will see the Measure UP sheet on the reception table. Jump on in and add your details and best guess.

We will gather the results and  see who has the closest Measure UP guess and offer the lucky recipient a One-on-One Keto consultation with Dr Hamish!

Hamish Worsley, Chiropractor

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