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We Have A Winner!

We have a Winner!

Congratulations to Jason Nicholas who jumped into our Biggest Loser, Highest Jumper competition with the closest ‘measure up’ estimate for Corrian and Hamish’s Jumping into 2019 goals.

After four weeks on the Keto eating regime, Hamish and Corrian recorded the following changes in weight, waist circumference and vertical jump height.


  • Start: 95.5kgs Waist 102cm Jump 53cm
  • Finish: 90.0kgs Waist 91cm Jump 56cm

Corrian is our ‘Biggest Loser‘!


  • Start: 108.0kgs Waist 100.5cm Jump 62cm
  • Finish: 104.0kgs Waist 93cm Jump 67cm

Hamish is our ‘Highest Jumper‘!

Congratulations also to Joanne E and Cerisa P who recorded the next closest guesses.

We also need to acknowledge Derek D from Nelson Golf Club who ‘overclubbed’ with very optimistic guesses! We enjoyed your positivity Derek!

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