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Today’s Update

Today’s Update

What interesting times we are living in!

The practice is now closed for regular care for the next four weeks. 

For emergency care please phone:

Corrian on 02102034552

Hamish on 0277366323

To the best of our knowledge, we are able to continue to provide emergency/acute care. We see it as doing our bit to support our community by helping to keep hospital resources free for those suffering from non musculo-skeletal issues and supporting everyone to get through this set of circumstances as best as we all can.

Please note that all appointments for the next four weeks have been cancelled (except those emergency appointments booked today for tomorrow).

We are also very keen to continue to support your well health and are exploring ways to achieve this. Corrian and Hamish are discussing helpful information that they can share with you and identifying the tools that they can employ to do this. Watch this space! (This may include telephone consultations, videos, information sheets etc.)

If you wish to talk to either of them about your health status or ways that they can help, they are happy to hear from you.

Our landline answer phone (03544554) will be cleared daily so if you would like to talk to a team member, leave us a message or email us on [email protected]

We will be in touch again in the next few days once we have more specifics. Take care.
Best regards from Corrian, Hamish, Elise, Bron, Victoria and Lynley

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