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Corrian, Hamish, Marissa and Mallory are members of this NZ wide association ie MNZCA. Corrian is a past president and was on NZCA Council for more than 10 years. He is the immediate past Pacific representative on the World Federation of Chiropractic Council.

The New Zealand Chiropractor’s Association (NZCA) was founded in February 1922. It is a voluntary, self-regulating, supervisory body serving both the chiropractic profession and the public of New Zealand.

The purpose of the NZCA is to maintain professional standards, liaise with various government and health bodies, and to be a professional voice for chiropractic.

All of our chiropractors are active in the NZCA and Hamish is current chair of the local regional group.

33963 NZCA Membership Logo 2022-2023 CMYK

Vision Statement

Supporting our members’ pursuit for excellence

Mission Statement

To use the collective strength of our membership to:

  • Represent chiropractic, liaise with other organisations and be the professional voice for chiropractic in New Zealand
  • Promote the benefits of chiropractic with an understanding of the unique contribution of our science, art and philosophy
  • Inspire structured life-time learning, collegiality and provide mentoring.

Core Values

The NZCA is:

  • Compassionate, community oriented
  • Reputable
  • Culturally aware and
  • Respectful of unity in diversity

“NZCA members are collegial, ethical, contributing and conscientious. They adhere to sound business principles and practices. They embrace reflective lifetime learning and deliver evidence based clinical excellence. Members demonstrate a passionate understanding and recognition of the unique contribution of the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic. As students, practitioners, researchers and teachers, they are partners in New Zealand health care.”

To find out more about the NZCA, visit their website.

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