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It is a pleasure to introduce our professional and fully qualified team of registered chiropractors and experienced chiropractic assistants.

Our principal chiropractor is Corrian  – a student in NZ Chiropractic College’s first ever graduate class.

Our Associate Chiropractor Hamish attended the practice under Corrian’s care before heading up to Auckland for five years to undertake his  chiropractic studies.

We have four chiropractic assistants (CA’s) –  Elise, Bronwyn, Louise  and Lynley  They love that their job is so much more than reception – they share the front office role and each has their own back office responsibilities. Victoria is our Accounts Administrator.

All members of our team enjoy continuing to develop their knowledge around chiropractic and well health.

We look forward to welcoming you to Tasman Bay Chiropractic Centre – every time you visit!

Corrian Poelsma

Our role is about enabling your body’s ability to adapt to and thrive in the environment you have chosen
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Hamish Worsley

I fell in love with the philosophy of natural and functional health and wellbeing …
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Lynley Worsley

I support the philosophy of taking responsibility for making life what you wish it to be.
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Bronwyn May

I am excited to be part of such an energetic and friendly team
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Elise McGlinchey

Working in this caring environment with a fun team of professionals, supports my own life values of living a happy, healthy life that I love...
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Louise Cowie

I am passionate about good health, enjoying life and being surrounded by positive like minded people...
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Victoria Nicholls

Being part of this team is very inspiring and has introduced me to a whole different level of well being. I love being able to pass that inspiration on to others …
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