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TBC Library Book Review: Eat Less, Live Long!

TBC Library Book Review: Eat Less, Live Long!

Tasman Bay Chiropractic Library Book Reviews

by Melanie Bourn, Chiropractic Assistant

EAT LESS, LIVE LONG – Jason Shon Bennett

The other day I picked up a ‘healthy’ tasty snack that was on special and greeted me as I walked through the entrance of the supermarket – strategically placed for model consumers like myself.  After eating two or three of the contents of the packet, I almost immediately felt that my stomach was starting to hurt. I persevered with the snack anyway and of course it got worse before I thought; “Hmm perhaps it is what I’m eating…” … Ding! I remember, those Community messages on TV – the ones that said “Where is that drink taking you?” Now I think we should be asking “Where is that mouthful taking me?”

Jason Shon Bennett is the Author of ‘Eat Less, Live Long’ and is the creator of ‘The Life Plan’ – a revolutionary 12-month health mentoring programme that dramatically and powerfully improves health and well-being. He is a self–cured international health researcher and speaker who inspires and educates people all over the world on transforming their health. One could easily pick up the book and think, ‘oh no not another diet book’, however I found that ‘Eat Less, Live Long’ is refreshing, easy to read, and informative and Jason addresses the very issues that deep down we can all relate to, and know are based in truth and common sense.

Some of what you will find covered in Jason’s book includes:

  • Diet – eating well with plant based foods
  • Intelligent fasting
  • Liver health
  • Challenging false information about weight loss
  • Weight loss – drug taking and surgery as a ‘cure’
  • Effects of poor diet ranging from weight gain, poor fertility to improving energy levels and great skin! (I liked this one)

Apart from being obviously well-researched, Jason has a remarkable personal testimony that does not fail to impress. In short, his own life backs up what he claims and he is a ‘walk the talk’ person who is clearly passionate about helping people to transform their thinking regarding food, challenging mislead attitudes often forced on us, and living the life everyone wants: long life, healthy kids, and to be drug and disease free. One of my favourite quotes from the book is:

“You cannot eat yourself sick and drug yourself well.”

In a nutshell I feel this sums up the way mankind, in his own wisdom, born out of a desire to make money and become more advanced and efficient, has compromised the essentials of our existence and as a result we shoot ourselves in the foot. We are looking for  ‘The Cure’ and doing little about prevention, even though there is a lot of talking about it.

In summary:
A great read and I thoroughly enjoyed Jason’s easy-read writing style without fussy ‘medical journal’ jargon that would be lost on me.  He has a fun sense of humour and enthusiasm that is contagious.

Feel free to ask your Chiropractic Assistant to issue ‘Eat Less, Live Long’ next time you come in.

For more information on Jason Shon Bennett,  check out his website:

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