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Level Two – 2021

With this afternoon’s announcement, the team at TBC is busy putting into place our plan for operating at Level Two – 2021 version. We are excited at the prospect of see all of our lovely peeps again!

All existing appointments in place from Wednesday 8 September will remain in place.

We will resume our regular hours from 9am Wednesday 8 September.

Telehealth appointments are still available if you would prefer not to come to the practice until Level One.

All of you who have had appointments cancelled during lockdown will be contacted to reschedule your appointments.

Our chiropractors are happy to extend each shift a little (where it doesn’t clash with another commitment) if the shift is full, so please be in touch if we haven’t reached you yet to either reschedule an appointment missed during Lockdown, or just get yourself back in the appointment book. We will ensure we have the capacity to see everyone.

Our CA team will be dedicated to answering the phone from 10.30 until 12.30 tomorrow Tuesday as well as contacting those whose appointments were cancelled. Although we don’t usually open on a Tuesday afternoon, team members will continue to remotely check messages and emails regularly after 12.30pm.

If you wish to call us first, please call on 035444554 – our mobile phone will be dedicated to outgoing calls.

When booking an appointment, our CAs will be asking you the basic covid screening questions eg do you have any symptoms, are you awaiting a covid test result – we are obligated to do this short screening process.

Below are the protocols for operating at Level Two. Please respect these – we are obliged to have them in place.

Level Two Protocols at TBC

+ Carpark/Front Door
You are welcome to wait in your car if that is your preference – just give us a call to let us know you are there and we will pop out and wave you in when your consulting room is ready.

We will have the door open as much as practical (ie warm enough) – if you prefer us to open the door rather than you touch the door handle,  just knock.

Please don’t bring extra people to the consultation unless a carer is needed.

Please scan in.

Use the sanitiser available at the door.

Have your mask on – we will all have ours on!

+ Bathroom
Please use your toilet before you come to avoid using ours – again less touching and moving about.

Leave the door open if it is for handwashing only ie avoid touching the door.

+ Reception Area
Please maintain social distancing.

The water, coffee table, cloth chairs, toys and magazines will be removed.

The pew is relocated for main seating.

Please leave via back door – let the CA know if you would like the door opened for you.

+ Front Desk
Please bring a pen to update your appointment card if you use these cards.

We strongly prefer paywave/contactless or online payment. The machine will be swabbed whenever a non-team member uses it.

We accept cash payments in an envelope with name and amount – no change given but the full amount will be loaded to your account for a credit.

+ Consulting Rooms
No extra chairs

Cloths for faces on all tables ie no paper headrolls – a new cloth for each consultation.

The table and chair will be disinfected after each consultation.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all again and having you back enjoying the benefits of chiropractic care.

If you have questions about your appointment in Level Two or your chiropractic care, please don’t hesitate to be in touch. We will still be smiling, warm and friendly under our masks!

Warmest regards
Team TBC

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