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Countdown To World Spine Day – October 16 – Two Days To Go

Countdown to World Spine Day – October 16 – Two Days to Go

Benefits of chiropractic beyond the spine

Each year millions of people visit their chiropractor on a regular basis, not because they have back and neck pain (although they do for that too), but because of the benefits beyond the spine that they experience.

Patients regularly report a wide variety of improvement in their health, including improvement or resolution of specific conditions, improvement in how they physically function and improvement in their general health and wellbeing.

A recent New Zealand study showed that a staggering 90% of people receiving chiropractic care reported improvements in their health beyond back and neck complaints. These included improvements in sleep, energy, digestion, breathing, strength, physical stamina and general wellbeing including being better able to deal with stress. New Zealand is not alone, similar research findings have been reported from all over the world.

Chiropractic and Quality of Life

Perhaps the most powerful benefit reported about chiropractic care is an improvement in quality of life. Quality of life is broad and may include physical health, mental and emotional health, the ability to better deal with stress and general life enjoyment. Quality of life impacts everyone.

For decades chiropractic patients have been talking about improvements in their quality of life when under regular chiropractic care, but really the research is only just catching up.

Who wouldn’t benefit from improving their health and quality of life? Maybe chiropractic care is just what they need to help them out. Call us now to book an appointment with a chiropractor – 035444554.


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Quality of Life
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