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Countdown To World Spine Day – October 16 – One Day To Go

Countdown to World Spine Day – October 16 – One Day to Go

Chiropractic care for kids

Chiropractic care for children is very common, and extremely safe and effective. One worldwide study reported in excess of 30 million visits to chiropractors for children are made annually. In fact, it is reported that chiropractic care is “the most common complementary and integrative medicine practice used” by parents when choosing healthcare for their kids.

Why do parents choose chiropractic care for their children?

There are so many reasons that parents bring their kids to see a chiropractor. Some are seeking help with a wide variety of health issues their child may have. Some common childhood presentations that have been reported to have improved under chiropractic care include bed wetting, colic, ear infection, headaches and migraine, neck and back pain, sleep disturbances, and torticollis, to name just a few. Click here to read more.

But that isn’t the most common reason parents take their kids to a chiropractor. A large study assessing chiropractic care for babies and children world-wide found that above all “wellness care was the most common reason for a child’s presentation for chiropractic care“. Parents want their kids to thrive, so they choose chiropractic.


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