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Goodbye Debbie and All the Very Best

Today is Debbie’s last day with us. We have loved having her on our team and as we farewell her, we celebrate all that she has brought to her role, our team and our practice. We are sure that you will have noticed that Deb’s passion is contagious! How she organised a bunch of burly Thursday night blokes to mindfully chew a raisin for many minutes is still something that is slightly bewildering!

During the time she was on our team, Deb has taught us that passion delivers change. What a joy to witness this at the TBC. We will continue to find fun activities to deliver health outcomes to those we serve, watch this space….

Debbie’s bubbly personality, gentle ribbing, willingness to learn, sense of fun, clever ideas, team spirit and ability to draw people into whatever she is doing are all talents that we have truly loved having at TBC. We are sure that you will join us in wishing her the very best in her next adventure in Canterbury.

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