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TBC Team Members Attend NZCA Conference 2019

TBC Team Members attend NZCA Conference 2019

NZ Chiropractors’ Association (NZCA) Conference 2019 was in Christchurch this year which presented an ideal opportunity for TBC team members to attend. The conference theme is Better Together – you may have noticed that TBC adopted the same theme for May and June as it seemed Better to share the ideas, energy and momentum of Conference and TBC ie put the two Together!

CA Membership

NZCA has recently introduced a Chiropractic Assistant (CA) membership category and TBC applied for membership for all CAs. It was exciting to be part of the inaugural membership group as well as the first Conference sessions specifically for CAs that NZCA has ever scheduled at Conference. A great network of sharing knowledge, ideas, processes and experiences was put in place at conference and we look forward to implementing what we have learnt and utilising this great resource we have at our fingertips.

TBC Sponsors a College of Chiropractic Student

TBC has a tradition of sponsoring NZCA student members to attend conference and this year was no exception. It was lovely to sponsor Marissa – and a great way to acknowledge the knowledge she has shared with us on our social media marketing.

Bron, Marissa, Hamish and Lynley

Passing on the Mantle aka Debbie

Our lovely Debbie who left us last month is very excited to have found herself a job since her move to Christchurch. She joined the team at Happy Spine in Riccarton on 20 May. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to attend conference but the TBC and Happy Spine teams got together and Bron presented Jim with a bubble blowing kit – you will have to ask Bron to explain the significance of that!

TBC team hands over “Bubbles’ to the Happy Spine team.

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