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Today’s  Update – Wednesday

Today’s Update – Wednesday

The New Zealand Chiropractic Board has informed us that face-to-face chiropractic consultations, including for emergency care, acute pain or disability care, have not been deemed as an essential service.

This means that as NZ moves into Stage Four from midnight tonight, we cannot provide you with our usual style of care for at least four weeks.

We chiropractors are discussing the possibility of doing consultations over the phone to provide health advice, stretches, exercises and anything else you may need during this time. We will keep you updated about this. In the meantime, you can still call us:

Corrian on 02102034552
Hamish on 0277366323

Our landline phone (035444 554) will still be operational for you to leave a message and these messages will be cleared daily to make sure that anyone needing any over the phone assistance will be contacted within 24 hours of leaving a message. Alternatively you can email the team at [email protected]

All the best, stay safe and stay at home.

Love Corrian and Hamish

Yes we are already missing our volleyball

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